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Junior Security Analyst - ING Insurance Central & Rest of Europe (7 months)
Security monitoring and analysis of corporate IT assets across Central and Eastern Europe region using SIEM system HP ArcSight. I started in ING Security Operation Center team as level 1 analyst performing manual evaluation of threat alerts. I was granted level 2 privileges two months later thanks to the solid outcomes of my work, which allowed me to creatively develop monitoring content of my own.

Some examples of my contributions:
Project Manager - LawTech Europe Congress 2013 (6 months)
My task was to search for sponsors and look for relevant delegates and panelists that participated during the Congress. I was as well responsible for ensuring problem-free course of the cybersecurity track. Conference was attended by more than 500 people during two days and there was no major organization issue. Letter of recommendation from LawTech director.

Co-Founder and CTO - Tablety Yuandao (4 months)
Me and my two university schoolmates aimed to import Chinese Yuandao tablets to the Czech Republic based on our semester abroad experience. I was in charge of customer care, e-commerce and technical support (especially service) at the time. We achieved initial success selling 50 units, but ultimately failed due to the inability to raise sufficient funding to start large scale import from China.